Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions on the site. If you still can't find an answer to your question then feel free to contact us and we will try to get back to you with an answer.

Game Doesn't Load?

If the game doesn't work then your browser's extensions may be interfering with the game or blocking it. We encourage you to whitelist on any add-on and try again. Games HAHA doesn't require cookies to function properly but the game itself may, so enabling your cookies may also remedy the issue. Be sure to install the latest version of Flash Player, Unity, WebGL or Shockwave. If the game still doesn't work then contact us and we will do our best to fix the game.

Can I Save my Emulator Game?

Yes, you can save the progress of your Emulator Game. Simply hover over the emulator screen and look for an icon that is pointing downward. Clicking this icon would allow you to save your game and place the saved game file somewhere on your computer. The next time you play the game, hover over the emulator screen and look for the arrow pointing up. This would allow you to upload your saved game file from your computer into the emulator, so you can continue playing from where you last finished.

Can I use a USB controller for Retro Games?

Retro games are more fun through the use of a game controller. You can map your contorller to the keyboard keys using Joy2Key or other mapping tools.

Where is my Favorite game?

New games are added to the site on a daily basis. If you can't find the game your looking for then contact us to make a request. Be sure to search the site or the game tags to check if it hasn't already been added. Most games that visitors like to play are added right away to our growing collection of games.